Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Thoughts

She headed for Wal-Mart's exit, anxious to leave without human contact. As she speed-walked behind her cart, something floated out of her purse, as if lifted by invisible hands. Two crisp $20 bills landed on the floor in front of me.

"Ma'am?! Ma'am?!"

Maybe she'd had a bad day. Maybe she deals with people all day long and was ready for "me" time. Or maybe she just didn't think I was calling out for her. Whatever the reason, she was NOT turning around.

In a fraction of a second, these thoughts burst through my mind:
  • Lady, your unsocial attitude is about to lose you 40 bucks!
  • 40 bucks is a lot of money.
  • I haven't had $40 in my pocket for a long time.
  • I bet I could put that money to good use.
  • She probably wouldn't even notice...
  • NO! Do the right thing!

Time sped up again...

The good Samaritan Wal-Mart greeter saw what was happening and caught her attention, "Ms, he's calling for you."

As she thanked me, I shook my head at my unbelievable conversation with myself. What a crazy mind I have! Don't worry, I was prepared to run her down in the parking lot if it got that far...


Speaking of crazy thoughts, I'm trying an experiment this week (it just started this morning.) I've decided that there will be NO music when I'm in the car. I've decided to try silence for a bit instead of noise.

You might be surprised at what happens when you "turn off the sound." I found out a few things:

  • My mind went crazy trying to fill the emptiness caused by lack of noise.
  • I had so many scattered thoughts it was like I had my own radio show in my head!
  • When I tried to pray, I got off track several times (not off the road, but off the track of praying.)
  • It took about 10 minutes before my thoughts became focused, and I had some clear, uninterupted thoughts. It amazed me that I came up with some great ideas for a future lesson on prayer by being quiet.

I'm so used to background noise that I've forgotten what silence sounds like. I didn't realize how frazzled our nerves can get trying to process all the sounds we bombard ourselves with every day. I've forgotten that silence is the best way to hear God's loving whisper...

Can you hear it, or is there too much noise?

1 comment:

One Observationist said...

Great thoughts man.

I normally drive with no sound. I use it as a time to think, pray, reflect or whatever. I hope you keep it up. I have found it to be a great time to enjoy the quiet and peace.