Monday, October 22, 2007

Honest Business?

So, I found out some disheartening news tonight. I'm sure my parents LOVE me spreading this info...I'm sorry but I can't help it.
My dad lost his job today. What did he do? He was a booking agent for Hertz. The apparent reason for firing? His sales conversations were too long. Here are some things that really bug me about this situation:

1. Don't you WANT to have FRIENDLY salespeople? I actually appreciate it when I'm ordering something and find I have something in common with the salesperson.
2. He was given NO warning. They told everyone a few months ago that they needed to shorten call time. Last week, they called in my dad and told him he was suspended until Monday, when he would find out if he was being terminated. He was.
3. My dad is the HARDEST WORKER Hertz has ever seen. He has been with them for like 12-plus years now. He works overtime like no one else I know...he even offers to work some holidays! At one point he worked his way up to the position of training a new class of sales clerks. NO ONE works harder or is more loyal than my dad.

Gee, Hertz, it's not BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that you don't want to pay his retirement!! Why can't you show some class and honor and do the right thing? You didn't even offer him a severance package! Are there NO honest businesses anymore?
Well, go ahead, Hertz. Go ahead and BOW to the Almighty Dollar...because you won't be seeing mine anymore.
BOO, Hertz....Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!


Judy said...

Things like this are upsetting, but I can look back on the other times in our life like this and see how God worked. Times when we had 3 children to take care of. I know He has some lessons to show us this time, also. It's scary and exciting at the same time; wondering what our loving, powerful heavenly Father has planned.

Elisabeth said...

I already posted something yesterday on my myspace about this. I'll probably go ahead and post it on my facebook, too.

It's the way companies work. They don't care about someone being human. They have a set way of doing things and if you roam from that then you're no longer controllable.

I've already got the news out to my friends and even a renowned author.

One Observationist said...

Wow. There are so many things wrong with your dad's situation.

1. Any good company should want friendly sales people.
2. I really like using Hertz. Besides Avis these two car companies know how to treat their customers. It is a seamless process and since I travel a lot it is nice to simply walk into the lot and pick up my car. I used Enterprise twice over the last few weeks and their service is horrible. It doesn't even compare to Hertz. I'm devastated.
3. I thought Hertz would have had more class than this. Pathetic.

So is your dad going to find another job?

Nana said...

Thinking of you Franklin, and your family. Your Mom knows things will be okay. Something better will come out of this lost of job.Probably will be a much better one.
Love you, Nana

Dannielle said...

I am so sorry. Do you think it worthwhile to consult a wrongful termination attorney to see if there is wrongdoing on Hertz part since he was one year away from retirement and has such a wonderful history with the company?