Monday, February 19, 2007

My Book Intro

I thought that I might share some chapters from a book I am writing over the next few posts. The book is tentatively called "The Jesus Xperiment." Here is the introduction, which will hopefully give you a taste of what's to come...

Do you call yourself a Christian? Do you know what that really means? Different religious denominations have several explanations, but they have never really cut it for me. I myself have taught people what it means and what it takes to be a Christ-follower…and I fear I haven’t taught them the whole truth.

If I call myself “Christian”, doesn’t that mean that my life should look like the life of Christ? What did His life really look like? How can I do a better job of making my life look just like His? How can I do it and not just talk about it?

These and other questions have haunted me while researching for this book. Perhaps you feel the same way! Maybe you look in the mirror and don’t see Christ. Or maybe one of your friends or co-workers has pointed out that your life doesn’t jive with your beliefs!

I hope you don’t just look at this as another book. Read it with some friends. Study it with a loved one. Make homework to do each week with your Bible study small group. And remember…Jesus wasn’t just a man of talk, but a man of action!

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Klay Hall said...

Franklin I have been tossing the same ideas around in a similar way. It is hard for me to not be judgemental, especially with young people, when people give their lives to Christ but you see no difference in them. It will be a great book! Keep up the good work.
While in Tulsa I would like to visit with you about writing a book together. I have some ideas and I know you do as well. When we finish what we are working on we should consider this.