Sunday, February 18, 2007

Interesting Topic

Why are Heaven and Hell such interesting topics for us?

Is it because we are just interested in things to come? Or are we anxious about the future? Maybe it's because we have a hard time imagining such places. Maybe it's because we have a hard time with absolutes (a place for evil and a place for good, not mixed together!)

I think one reason is because we are worried. Worried about being in a strange and different place. Worried about our loved ones. (Will we know them in heaven? Will we recognize loved ones are NOT in heaven?)

Not everyone is worried, of course. Some have the gift of faith more than others.

What a great topic...a topic that causes us all to dream, to hope, to have faith in a loving God.

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Klay Hall said...

Franklin, two great books on the subject are F. LaGard Smiths, After Life and Edward Fudges book on the same subject. There is some great reading and challenges for your mind in these books.