Tuesday, April 18, 2006


New job. New state. New home. New location. New church family. New weather. New!New!New!
The word "NEW" is exciting to me! When things get old, sometimes we say they are "boring." NEW excites us and forces us to imagine the possibilities. NEW gives us energy. NEW makes us ready to meet new challenges.
But sometimes NEW is scary! The closer we get to this NEW stuff, the more anxious I get! Will I succeed at my new job? Will the church fully embrace me and my family? Will we find close friends? Will I be able to fit in?
Jesus said, "I make all things NEW." God the Father said, "It is good" when He created the world. I guess I should take courage in the fact that everything God created is good...even NEW experiences!
Please don't misunderstand, while it's a bit scary, it's also EXCITING!
Anyone else understand what I'm saying?


drjimwhite said...

Don't be scared. We're a little scared ourselves. Not because we are afraid of you. Like you say, it's new. But soon that newness will wear off. You'll have your first problem come into your office (probably within a week of your arrival) and you'll feel like one of use soon. I've been here nearly three years and I still look forward to walking in the door. Worship together is exciting every week. And people continue to struggle. But I am amazed at God's people...how they overcome. Welcome. We are counting the days until you get here.

carrie said...

Brad and I remember so well that "new" experience. We are so happy for you both! I know God will bless your work in Omaha.

Dannielle said...

I've moved so much in my life. It is scary but you grow so much and learn to expand your comfort zone. I have NO doubt you and your family will succeed. We love and will miss you very much, Dannielle & James

Klay Hall said...

Franklin I am really happy for you and Tracy. We look forward to seeing you during the pilgrimage to Mecca. You will do great and remember to relax and enjoy it. It is not everyone that gets paid to work for Jesus.