Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extended Family In Omaha

Having never been to Omaha, Nebraska, I was pleasantly surprised by its gorgeous scenery, shopping and restaurants, and caring people.
When driving near the church building, I noticed a huge steeple. I really like the layout of the building, from the offices and auditorium to the classes and gymnasium. That's right...I said "gymnasium!!"
Every restaurant where we ate was delicious...and they weren't the chain restaurants that I am used to! In fact, there is NOT a McDonald's on every block of this city. It definitely has a unique feel.
We really enjoyed visiting with Tracy's aunt and her family. They are super-nice people and they told us they would LOVE to have family living close to them!
As we drove out to our host's home, we gawked at the vast amount of homes in the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. What an AWESOME opportunity to share the story of Jesus with people who don't know Him!
Most of all, though, we were impressed by our extended family at the Southwest Church of Christ. These people were SO kind to us that we IMMEDIATELY felt a part of their family! We got to meet several of the younger families and immediately knew that we could have close friends.
The teens spoke up in class and at the devo, even though I was warned that they might not talk! We had great fun playing Catch Phrase, too!
The shepherds are a group of unbelievable men who really know their sheep. They could tell me where the teenagers worked and what extracurricular activities they were involved in. By the end of our visit, I felt like I had known them all for a long time.
I am SO glad to know that I have such a gracious, loving family serving the Lord in Omaha, Nebraska! I pray that God will bless them (and I'm tempted to be selfish in my prayers and ask that God will move us there!)


Karen said...

As former members at Southwest, we can't wait to get back when we're done with the Air Force. You really described our family back there quite well. (And I'm really missing the restaurants... northern California doesn't have half as many good places to eat!)

If everything works out, maybe we'll be meeting you next time we come to visit!

alyce said...

I just heard the exciting news! Congratulations on the new job! We all will miss you a lot but I know that God put you there for a reason! Im so happy for you all!

Karen said...

I just heard the news as well. Hope to meet you in June when I come back for Women of Faith.