Thursday, April 27, 2006

God's Answer


Here we are...24 days after we told our congregation that we would be leaving. We now have a job, our house in Ponca is sold, and we have found a house in Omaha with a closing date of May 24th!
I remember our prayers very vividly, "God, please make it 100% CRYSTAL CLEAR what you want us to do. Open the door WIDE OPEN to our next location and lead us where you want us to be..."

I'm glad God has thrown open the doors for us to have a clear view because sometimes I'm not that great at discerning His plan for my life.
Then again, maybe He doesn't have a specific plan! Maybe He just wants me to follow and trust Him (wherever I am) and the blessings will come!
I am glad that God is faithful to His promises. I know He hears me when I pray and that He answers prayer. I know that He wants the best for me. I'm glad that He seems to be shouting His answer to my prayer, because sometimes it's hard to hear the gentle, whispering voice of God.

Thank you, Father, for answering my prayers.


Libby said...

Hey! Mom has been keeping me updated on everything with you guys. I just wanted to say I'm really excited for you guys and I'm happy everything is working out so well. Of course I am going to miss you, but who knows maybe I'll get into grad school somewhere close to ya'll. Just don't keep my nephew away from me too much!

Judy said...

God has been busy. I've also been
praying a lot for you. After I spoke to you Sunday night I prayed
about your finding a house. Then
when you found it I prayed again
that if it wasn't the right one things wouldn't go through. You are right. Omaha seems clear to be
where God wants you now.

Karen said...

Wow, the door can't get much wider, can it? I think it's off its hinges! I am looking forward to your work with my family back there in Omaha. I've prayed for their youth minister search and am excited to see how those prayers have been answered.

carrie said...

You are so right! God does answers prayers. I am like you, sometimes I do not hear the whispers. Maybe, sometimes, I just ignore it. I am so happy that things have turned out for you guys! I do not know anyone more deserving. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited about you moving to Omaha. It will be a wonderful place for your parents Franklin to come visit. They need to buy a web cam so they can watch Fischer grow. I know they are very happy for you. We love you all.
Grandpa and Nana

Klay Hall said...

I think God wants us to trust him. I believe he wants to use us in every situation even when we choose the path that isn't "wide open". He can make any situation his. I am so glad he gave a clear opening for you all. You guys will be used for the kingdom just pray and see.