Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for our home church...the Southwest Church of Christ!!
Let me share a few things that have made this church special to us...

This past Sunday, one of our shepherds (elders) was making a really long announcement. I was wondering where he was going, when he finally broke the news that one of our couples was reconciling! This couple had struggled in their marriage for years and lived apart for most of that time. Many members had counseled with them, cried with them and reasoned with them. And so imagine the reaction! First, it was applause with a few whistles. Then, the minister and I noticed that everyone was standing to applaud them!

Another one of our shepherds asked me how things were going the other day. He listened and affirmed me for the job I was doing. He told me to pass on his appreciation to my wife, too! (Wives of ministers usually get overlooked.) And then, he did the BEST thing a shepherd could do for a youth minister: He said, "Franklin, can I pray for you?" (And this is a common occurence here!)

And of course, I could talk about how our church responded when our Sam Thomsen died in a tornado last year. There are some churches that would let the ministers do all the comforting of a bereaved family. Not Southwest! By the time I arrived at the Thomsen home, there were at least 30 people there! For the next two days, people were in and out of that home, checking on the Thomsens. This church truly understands that EVERY member is a minister!

If you're ever coming through Omaha, Nebraska...come by and visit Southwest. It's a very special family!

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