Friday, May 22, 2009

A Sense of Adventure

*Family Fridays contain tips to maintain a strong sense of family and to pass your faith on to your children.

A major component is missing in the spiritual lives of our young people...a sense of adventure!
Parents feel at a loss in the spiritual training of their children. They think they must KNOW everything before they can teach their kids. This is so far from the truth! If all we do is boring is that?
The problem is that parents don't PRACTICE their faith WITH their kids. Parents, be encouraged to DO "faith stuff" with your children.
Take them to help feed people at a local shelter.
Make gift baskets for underprivileged children.
Visit a hospital just to pray for those inside.
Help an elderly person carry groceries to their car.
Let your children see you in a Bible study or teaching.
Encourage your children to be friends with your neighbors.
Make an adventure out of your faith-life! And live out those adventures with your kids, one day at a time.
Nothing guarantees vibrant faith for your children, but this will greatly increase the chance of them growing their own faith.

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Todd Brumley said...

Also, parents want their kids to be this upstanding Christian, but these kids are not seeing the example at home. I dont know how many times I have spoken to parents of my youth about their kid becoming more active and yet, the parents are not all that active themselves. When parents let this happen, it sends a mixed signal to their kids. Without even realizing it, the kids have aped their parents spiritual behavior.

This weekend my father and I were talking about the question, "What is best for my children?" Our society has defined "best" in a way that is very dangerous. Our "best" has become for our kids to excell at one single thing. That one single thing could be sports related, music related, arts related, having the best grades, or fill-in the blank.

Our kids sense of adventure can be found in their daily walk with God. I never feel any higher than when I feel God answering my prayers. I never feel more daring then when I realize what God has been doing in my life without me realizing it. That is true adventure. Can people find adventure through those other things? Sure, but not TRUE adventure.

Franklin, and other readers, sorry if this didnt follow the original idea fully, but this was what this post pushed to me to think about. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend!!