Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My First Evaluation

I love my shepherds!! (Can you believe I'm writing this AFTER my evaluation??!!)
What an uplifting and inspiring time we had last night as they affirmed me and prayed for me. As an employee, I understand that they are paying me to do certain things, but I also expect them to be my shepherds and not just my bosses. They do not disappoint!!
These men care more about my spiritual, emotional, and financial well-being than they care about seeing "results." And that is a good thing, because "results" in my line of work are sometimes hard to measure!
Shepherds care for their sheep. They make sure they are fed and that they are safe. They want their sheep to have friends and get along with the rest of the flock. They want the best for their sheep...even sheep who they have hired to help minister to the flock.
Thank God for Larry Becker, Mike Eudy, LaVerne Haselwood, Dean Hamilton, Dean Howard and Burrel Beck.

On a side note...days don't get much better than today! A day off, 80 degrees in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska, morning spent playing outside with your son, an afternoon walk with the family by Lake Zorinsky followed by a picnic, and a quiet evening with my wife. (By the way, our FIVE year anniversary is coming on Friday!!)


Karen said...

You are so right about those men... *sob* I miss them! I never knew what a shepherd was until I met Dean Hamilton. That man just rocks. And Larry... oh, what a heart he has! I cannot believe I have to wait 3 more years to be under their care again.

carrie said...

I am glad that your review went well! It sounds like a much more supportive environment that eother of us were involved with in Ponca. We are praying for a wonderful, spiritually high summer for you and your teens!