Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy Slapping

There is a disturbing new fad among world teenagers called "Happy Slapping." Contrary to its name, happy slapping is the filming of real-world violence.
Films have started to appear on U.S. websites that depict students beating on unsuspecting peers. I first saw one a few weeks ago of several teen GIRLS (seniors) kicking and punching a freshman girl.
What is it within human beings that makes us want to harm others?
Is it really cool to have the tape rolling while you pop somebody in the face or gang-rape a girl?
If you are a teenager, PLEASE RUN away from this idea. (Buy a punching bag, for crying out loud!)
If you are a parent, just be aware that this fad has made its way from Britain and France (where happy slapping was banned today) to the United States.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." - Jesus (from Matt. 5:9)


Aunt Shelly said...

Yesterday I recieved a note from Taylors school,letting parents know that they handcuffed and arrested a freshmen for having a hit list of students. as the rumor went around before he was arrested ,kids were asking what number they were on the list. Taylor was 195 out of 198. Taylor asked him why,and he said you always stood up for me. i think it is so sad that someone is teased and made fun of so badly that they reosrt to terrible ideas such as a hitlist.

Franklin Wood said...

Isn't that scary? I'm glad he was caught...maybe he will get the help that he needs. and I'm glad to hear that Taylor is "standing up for the little guys." That is awesome!