Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Movies

Bravo, Will Smith, bravo! What an awesome job you did in your newest film, "The Pursuit of Happyness."
Both the wife and I teared up during the film, and for good reason.
It was packed with positive, encouraging, inspiring messages such as taking care of family, trusting each other, and NEVER giving up. Of all the movies I've seen over the holidays, this one has to be #1 on my list so far.

By the way, "The Good Shepherd"...I'm sorry, but I thought it was horrible. The tagline read, "The beginnings of the CIA." and I kept waiting for that storyline, but it never showed up! I felt cheated!
Not only was the storyline choppy, but the overall feel of the movie was one of confusion and deception. (Perhaps it was MADE that way for a reason.)
The movie itself is THREE (grueling) hours long, but the best part took only 30 minutes. The same movie could have been done MUCH better in under two hours, I think.
Another problem was that I did not feel compelled to root for ANY of the characters. EVERYONE was shady, even the non-CIA people!
Oh well, I got a good nap in there about halfway through...

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest - Hey, it was at the $1 Movie Theater. I can't really complain! I will say that it is better than the first (in my opinion.) The first hour is hilarious and moves quickly. But trouble begins as the movie slows down and sets up for Part 3...due out next summer! Oh well, I still enjoyed seeing Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow again (yes, I've already seen this one!) But like I said, who can complain when you pay $1?!

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