Tuesday, November 07, 2006


This is my first Akastasia youth rally to attend. Apparently Southwest has been doing this rally for like 6 or 7 years. It seems like a pretty big deal and that kids like to come to Omaha for this rally. I think we now have about 200 people pre-registered to come!

And I got sick today.

Sometimes I get a little sick before big events just because I am nervous and running myself ragged. This time, though, I thought I was doing a good job of sharing responsibilities and pacing myself! So maybe I caught a little bug.

Either way, would you be praying REAL HARD that I feel better by Friday night?? I really want this rally to be a GREAT experience for these kids. So I'm praying that not only will I be better, but that I will have tons of energy and a great attitude! Even if I'm still sick, I know God can give me energy and a good attitude that I could never achieve on my own.


Anonymous said...

Consider it done. Emily is really looking forward to the weekend, and so am I. The singing on Sunday is going to be awesome!

Shane Coffman said...

You have my prayers. The last time I came and led worship at Akastasia I had a bad sinus infection.

It must be something about that event that Satan doesn't want the leaders to be fresh...

carrie said...

We will be praying hard. Do you remember the last VBS we were in charge of and Brad was really sick. He had to go to the Dr. during VBS. I am praying that this weekend will be a blessing to all who attend. I love the picture of Fischer. Can he pass some of that along?

Nana said...

We are praying that you will feel better soon Franklin. You will do really good this weekend, as you are one caring person. I told Tracy the other day how wonderful it is for her to have you. She agreed.
It is nice to know that the teens want to come, and share Jesus with others.
Love you, Nana and Grandpa

Justin said...

I thought you only got sick when you fly out of country.

Shane Coffman said...

It the first night, and I'm thinking of and praying for you guys.

May lives be changed and fun be had.

I hope you're feeling better, too.