Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Attention All Writers!!

To all you writers, bloggers and wannabe bestsellers...

Go out right now and read one of the following books by Natalie Goldberg: "Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within" or "Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life."
I am currently going through the first one for the second time and I'm excited to explore the second one soon after!

I read Writing Down the Bones about this time last year and GOT MOTIVATED to write more consistently. I wrote more in four months than I had written in three years. Unfortunately, we had to start looking for a new place to live and I am just getting back to writing on a more consistent basis.

Natalie writes in a very creative, yet straightforward manner. She is one of the easiest-to-read authors I have read in a long time. She mixes in some interesting thoughts about meditation and Buddhism, but overall her advice about writing is the most encouraging I have ever come across.

She will challenge you and inspire you. If you cannot buy her books, go to your local library and you will probably find them there. READ HER STUFF AND GET INSPIRED TO WRITE NEXT YEAR!!!!


judy said...

I'm glad that you're writing more blogs. I hope you can write more and finish one of your books this year. I can hardly wait for my autographed copy. Love ya,

Klay Hall said...

Franklin thanks for the tip. I too want to write a book and have for along time. I will probably do this after I finish school in a year or so.