Tuesday, October 03, 2006

They're Baaaaaaaaaack!!

Well, Tracy and Fischer are back! I'm so excited...I haven't seen them since Friday! It wasn't so bad until I ran out of things to do about 9:00 PM on Saturday night. I had watched some ball games, weedeated the back yard, and even did laundry and picked up the upstairs part of our house!

Then, I noticed it was very quiet.

Quiet is not good because around here it denotes being alone.

So, I got ready for Sunday class, and buried myself in a book until 12:30 (WAY too late to stay up, but I can't sleep well when they're not here!) Sunday came...busy as usual until the afternoon.

Why can't I enjoy being alone?

Maybe it's because God made me to enjoy relationships! He made me to enjoy having a wife and child around!
Anybody else have trouble when they are alone?
Next time they're out of town, I'm gonna call people to hang out with (but they will have to come and get me because Tracy took our only car!)


Karen said...

I'm still waiting to hear how the weekend went in St. Louis.

Glad she made it home safely and you made it through the days alone.

carrie said...

I have not had a day alone in a long time. Probably before Todd was born. I have nights with me and Todd and I have nights with me and Brad but not alone. I do not like it when my normal schedule is interrupted. The house seems quiet and lonely. I do not do well with that, either. I can't believe how big Fischer is getting!

All of us said...

Mark is the same way. Well, almost , he doesn't clean and do the laundry. You will have to talk to him. LOL Miss you guys. Love Carla