Friday, October 06, 2006

And Then She Cried

Our precious little boy was toddling around the room earlier this evening...not a care in the world. We both turned away for just one moment and heard a stomach-turning, muted "THUD."
As we jerked our heads around to see what had happened, we witnessed him lying on his back. Tears trickled down his face as I pulled him up. I held him against my shoulder for a moment to soothe him. As he pulled away, I noticed some blood coming from his mouth and said, "Uh oh."
My wife, panicked, cried, "WHAT?!" It was at that moment that she saw the red drops around his mouth and noticed that he had bitten his tongue.

And then she cried.

After the crying subsided and we were sure that no stitches were needed, we loaded up the car and drove to a nearby park. It was a trail we had never walked before. Let me just say, Omaha in the autumn is absolutely gorgeous! The flowers and trees were bursting with color. As we walked, you could almost hear them calling out cheerful greetings. Other walkers and joggers smiled and waved as they passed. The cool air blew gently by as we breezed down the trail. After our walk, we stopped at the playground, where Fischer loves the slides! He also got to walk (or TRY to walk!) on the sand. Nearing dark, we headed for the car. In the semi-darkness, my wife glanced back to see me holding his hand, walking together in the light of the harvest moon.

And then she cried.

Home again after viewing God's beauty. My wife took Fischer to give him a bath. I listened to the splashing in the other room as I sat down to write this blog. I heard her talking to him, singing to him and laughing. And then I heard the most wonderful sound in the world...his laughter.

And then I cried.

What "gets you" and brings you to tears?


carrie said...

Well written blog, Franklin. There are many things that bring me to tears. Todd being hurt, nature, and the words that Todd says that shows he truly understands love would all be in the top. If I had to say some that you did not mention, it would be children that do not know what love is because of unloving parents, the thought of meeting God face to face, the thought of a loved one's death, and the thought of those that do not have the hope of savation all bring me to tears.

Dannielle said...

That touched my heart and "made me cry". Your family is loved and missed!