Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fischer's GQ Pic

Here's a new one...Fischer's GQ picture! My GQ picture is the one I use in my profile. It's black and white and I have a serious pose. In this one, Fischer has that "serious" look!!

In case you don't know what "GQ" is a men's magazine that takes pictures of usually actors who are dressed to the hilt and have a serious look on their faces. I'm sure there is more to the magazine, but I don't read it!

Enjoy the pic!


John said...

That hippie kid looks like he needs a haircut!

Actually it looks like you are going for the 80's look - jean jacket with a "duck tail" in the back.

Aunt Shelly said...

By the time he is a young man ,he will be ready for GQ,as he is so use to having his picture taken.He is an absolute doll! Franklin,If you need anything while you are in Liberty,just call the house or come by. Joel and I will be out of town,but the girls will be staying with the Boys. I love your blogs,especially the one called She Cried

Anonymous said...

What a cute little guy!
Love you, Nana