Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This is a funny video that illustrates some serious truths...

What would people see/hear in YOUR heart?
At this year's National Conference on Youth Ministries, I was really impacted by one of the speaker's questions. He said, "What would your children say if I asked them to list the top five people that you loved?"
'Good question!' I thought. 'I think I would do pretty good!'
Then, he brought the point home...
"...would Jesus make that list?"
Can people REALLY tell what's important to me without me having to REASSURE them?

When I look at others, do I just see what everybody else sees? Or do I see what's in their heart?
"How's work? What's the weather like there?"
Really? THAT is all we've got to talk about?
While small talk is necessary (when you run out of things to say) it shouldn't be the ONLY conversations that you have! I want to know others deeply (and for them to know me.) I want to know what makes their heart race, and what makes it stop in fear. I want to be able to help when there's a problem, instead of asking, once again, if they've seen any good movies lately.

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