Friday, December 24, 2010

Goodbye, Angels

What did He say before He left heaven? Were there tears in his eyes?
"Goodbye, Michael. Goodbye, Gabriel. I won't be able to see you soon, but I know you'll be around."
One last look at his heavenly home. Brilliant colors danced before him. Sights that humans have never even dreamed. Sounds unimaginable floated all around him. To leave this place was to leave joy.
Turning, he saw the earth, the people, crying for a savior. Lost in their lives, many of them only lived to serve themselves. His sad eyes saw death there, but also hope.
Did he smile? Was there a fist pump as he embarked on this mission?
What was it like when He opened his eyes and found himself enclosed in human flesh? Did it feel odd to Him?

Thank you, Jesus, for leaving your heavenly home. You left a place where you were constantly praised, and came to earth, where a King immediately tried to have you killed. You left the support of scores of angels, and placed yourself in the hands of a mother and a father. You gave up a great throne for a feeding trough.
All this you did, not for you, but for us.
You understand us.
You know what it is to be human.
Thank you.

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