Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ignite 2010

So, we changed our youth rally up this year...name, service projects instead of football game or ice skating, and more of a faith-sharing training conference than a regular youth rally.
The teens, some of them unsure of the change, jumped on board and helped make it an amazing weekend!
The worship times brought us right into God's throne room (thanks Tim Hall!) and Kerry Cox challenged us to not be so focused on ourselves and rely on God's power to change lives.
The service projects were awesome! We received so many good comments...
We collected 431 lbs. of food from the neighborhood around our church (delivered to a local food pantry); we decorated cookies and took them to a local nursing home, a fire station (where they ASSURED us they would be eaten quickly!), and the teachers at Cody Elementary school.
Teens got to see the wonderful work happening at Open Door Mission and Hope Center. The teens helped out in both places with high commendations.
Overall, teens were encouraged to share their faith with their friends and try something dangerous for God. I think that is a success!

P.S. I have not forgotten about my "Why I Miss Jim" series. Here's why I missed Jim during our youth rally...he is my "pick up the youth rally speaker" person!

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