Thursday, August 26, 2010


Finally, I am coming to the realization that you just can't do it yourself in youth ministry.
This was the first year I had two interns. Do I regret it? No way!
But I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't a little worried. Worried that the interns would slack off on the job? Worried that they would be insufficient?
NO! I was worried that they would SUCCEED!
And succeed they did.
I witnessed them in action. Their classes were fantastic. They were funnier than me. They were up on all the latest trends! And above all, I watched them have some deep spiritual conversations with teens...without me!
This disturbed me at first. It made me think that I was losing touch and declining in effectiveness. It really made me wrestle with my ego.
So what's my conclusion?
The teens ought to thank God that I'm not their only hope, their only contact, and their only adult friend! God knew what He was doing when he sent those interns our way!
Why should God only do His work through me? It makes WAY more sense to use a lot of people!
More interns, more contacts for lost and hurting teenagers, more godly people, more God...and less of me. Thank you for teaching me, Father!

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