Thursday, December 18, 2008

What if...?

"What if...?"
If there can be such a thing, this is the best/worst question in the English language.
"What if...?" can be asked to dream of possibilities. It can be used for the greater good.
"What if...?" can also be an annoying question, if you are not ready for change.
"What if...?" is not my favorite question tonight.
Apparently our little Garrison's breathing problems are still a concern. A sleep study the other night revealed that his breathing is shallow, and that he may have a problem where his larynx is soft, meaning a greater possibility of obstructing his airway.
The good news is that they didn't find any obstruction. Also, he never stopped breathing during sleep (apnea.)
However, we get to be scared once again as the doctor says, "Most kids just grow out of it, but there are no guarantees."
And now we come back to our question: "What if...?"
Now it's a frightening question...a question that brings fear and tears.
So we'll watch and wait, and hope that the answer to "What if...?" is positive, and that in the end, it will be a fantastic God-story!

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One Observationist said...

Hey man - been praying for you guys, especially the little guy.