Friday, June 20, 2008

Helping the Hurting

Last night, teens from Burlington, CO learned that one of their friends was killed when a wall collapsed on him. Please be praying for these young people as they will be going on a roller coaster of emotions, questions, and doubts for the next few days.

Helping people who are hurting is a tricky business. Some process pain differently than others. There are times during the past week when I have longed to be left alone. But there are other times when I don't necessarily want to approach others, but I want them to ask me how I'm doing!
This is a valuable lesson for me, as I have been telling the teenagers what I hear counselors saying: "You NEED to talk about this!"
While I believe that talking can be therapeutic, my expectation that kids are just going to call me up and say, "Franklin, I need to talk" is unrealistic. I myself haven't even been able to tell some people that I would like to talk!
Perhaps the best we can do is ask people how they are doing and give them lots of hugs. But don't stop the process here! After that, stay and talk. Just chitchat. If the emotions return, they'll talk. Being there for each other is a major key.

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Morgan said...

One of my friends, Matt, knew the boy who died. He took it hard. Wasn't that night so roller-coaster like? First baptisms, then news of a death. People do need to talk, but sometimes a hug is really what they need. God was there that night, comforting them.