Friday, June 15, 2007

VBS: Second Night

VBS just gets better and better! Here are some observations and highlights...

  • The kids and volunteers know where to go on the second day...WAAAAAY less confusion!
  • Twelve more kids tonight!!
  • Scott Moore looks great in a turban.
  • I love how the kids have now become familiar with you and so they will give little waves as they pass by.
  • The same girl that hugged Troy last night came down the aisle to hug me in the middle of singing a song at the closing tonight! That'll melt your heart!
  • Some folks from Narcotics Anonymous use our building once a week. Tonight they walked into a room full of vines, animals, and assorted VBS crafts!! I ran back in and apologized profusely, but they were very accomodating. "As long as we have a coffee pot," they said, "we're just happy we can use your building. And it looks like you guys are having lots of fun!"
  • Met more great folks from Omaha Church of Christ. Our members are building great relationships with them. Unity ran high.
  • Kids were hugged and God was praised...can it get much better than that?

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