Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Snapshots of Life

Snapshots of life float around in my memories...
  • Fischer (my son) with spaghetti all over his face...not a care in the world!
  • The day Fischer was born. Stressful, joyful!
  • Shadow puppets with Tracy (my lovely wife) on a Friday night when we had nothing else to do.
  • A kid in my youth group getting busted by the police!
  • A kid in my youth group catching fire by sitting too close to candles I had set out!
  • A radiant and beautiful Tracy walking down the aisle on our wedding day.
  • The look on Tracy's face as I proposed.
  • My mom's smile as I walked with her down the aisle at my graduation.
  • Sneaking chocolate chips with my dad, and sitting in his lap to watch Star Trek as a kid.

Oh, I could go on and on and on!!! You know what, though? The times I remember being terrible...well, they don't seem so bad when I recall them. I seem to remember happy times much better than sad times.

Maybe that's God's way of reminding us to dwell on happy memories. Maybe it's His way of saying, "See how many great things have happened in your life?" Maybe it's His way of cheering us up when we've had a bad day and a friend calls chuckling about an old memory. Maybe it's God's way of making life even sweeter!

What are your favorite "snapshots of life?" (Doesn't matter if we know you or not...please share!!)


Judy said...

Some of my favorites are: watching Yankee Baseball games with my Dad, seeing the look on my husband's face every time one of my children were born, seeing both my sons get married and seeing the love in their eyes for their brides, holding my grandson, hearing words of praise from a professor of my daughter's, going to the Sianjina's farm in Zambia and hearing Justin's laughter. These are just a few.

carrie said...

Some of my snapshots are: playing with my brother as a kid, going on youth mission trips, holding Brad's hand for the first time, my wedding day, the birth of Todd, his first smile, bluebonnets growing wild in Texas, and chapel at Harding just to name a few.

Judy said...

I have to add seeing Fischer on the web cam; trying to give Pocket a drink from his sippi cup and a hug. Also, Fischer and Pa pa making faces at each other.

One Observationist said...

You mentioned a kid in your youth group getting busted by the cops. That could've been me. hmmm....