Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Robber's Cave Retreat

     Just a few reflections on our Fall Retreat this past weekend:
  • I hope that I will NEVER AGAIN see a teen lying facedown after falling about forty feet ever again!! Yes, he is OK, and YES, I believe he had some angels flying with him that day! (Ask me and I’ll tell you the story.)

  • I hope my son Fischer NEVER has an accident like that. But (more importantly) if he does, I hope he knows and loves God. So, I will NOT expend my energy trying to protect him all the time, but trying to lead him to God.

  • I DEARLY LOVE all my ministry buddies! Your love, encouragement, and unity of spirit are a little glimpse of heaven every time we do these retreats!

  • I wish I could budget for a CHURCH JET. That way, it wouldn’t take FIVE HOURS to reach our retreats!

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