Tuesday, November 01, 2011

To Church or Not To Church?

Every day now, my inbox is filled anew with requests to join new websites, or add someone as a friend, or join an online group. I have reached a point where I have to try 5 different passwords because I belong to so many sites! On Facebook, I'm a member of about 20 groups, whether they are for social purposes, or a product that I like, or a sports team. What keeps me coming back to these sites? Well, to be honest...I visit the sites that have something to offer...to ME! My interest wanes if they don't post new content every week or so. Giveaways are nice; don't ask for contributions, though. I really don't want to contribute anything, whether it's money or an article, or my opinion, or my information. I just want your stuff! Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing attitude towards the church. If I'm going to come to church, what's in it for me? Can I get everything done my way? I really don't want to get involved, I just want to watch. I'll gladly take a handout, I just don't want to give you my information or a contribution. Oh, and don't ask me to donate my time either. Everyone at church needs to pursue me as their best friend. If I don't have friends in two weeks...I'm gone. No, I don't have time to join a group that visits newcomers to our church. I don't have time to make friends with everybody!! Many run from churches at the first sign of disagreement. Conflict resolution is a lost discipline among individuals. Churches contain people. Sinful people. Relationships with these people are sometimes messy and need regular maintenance. Being a member of a church isn't just about what you can get from it, but what can you contribute? Is there a problem in your church? Before you give up, I beg you, ask how you can be a part of the solution. Don't give up on church, God didn't!

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Judy said...

I definitely believe we need to work harder on our relationships with brothers and sisters in the church. The Church is our family. You just don't walk away from family. It's sad when we only want to go to a certain congregation because they entertain us.