Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lazarus' View on the Resurrection of Jesus

Well, I really can't say much about the resurrection of Jesus...but, I CAN tell you about my own resurrection experience!
I was dead...totally, completely, in-the-ground, dead for four days.

My sisters tell me that when my good friend Jesus heard, he came. He was a little late, but he still came. He talked to my sister about resurrection. Spooky stuff, right?

He told some folks to roll the stone away from my grave. They objected at first. "He'll stink by now!"

All I can say is this: The first voice I remember hearing was that of Jesus. He told me to come out of my grave. I had a burial cloth on my face, and linen wrapped around my body, so I just got up and followed the voice as best I could. Soon, friends were taking off my burial clothes and replacing them with the clothes of the living.

I will die again one day.

But this time, I'm not scared. I'm not scared because I KNOW the first voice I'll hear after I "fall asleep" is that of Jesus. And, like last time, he will tell me to get up and leave my grave.
He raised me from the dead, and later on, he raised himself.

One day, His will be the first voice YOU will hear, if you believe...

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