Monday, October 05, 2009

Uh-oh, Soapbox Issue!!

Soapbox topic tonight...

Omaha City Council is digging into old law books to find out if it's legal for city firefighters to raise money for MDA while on the clock.

Hey, City Council, don't you think you could spend your time on worth-while conquests?
Your people are NOT worried about this issue! They are worried about the number of shootings in our city, which continues to rise. They are wondering why you are tearing down a beloved city landmark (Rosenblatt Stadium) when there is no money to build a new stadium (and not much room downtown, either.) They are wondering why already-high property taxes are being raised.
I don't know how much influence you have over these things, but I am VERY upset at your use of time in fighting the firefighters on the above-mentioned issue.
If anything, MORE companies OUGHT to encourage their employees to raise money for charities while ON THE CLOCK! Why can the city not get behind the firefighters for this? Is this not "in the city's long-range plans?" Why is helping others with a debilitating disease so taboo?
Come on, City Council. Let's focus on things that will improve this great city. Let's encourage our people to be generous, benevolent, and to help one another!

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