Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blind Humans

As a race, humans are very blind.
Oh, not the kind of blindness where you can't physically see something. No, I'm speaking of the blindness where something is made clear, but we still don't believe it.
I often think, "How could people have witnessed ALL of the miracles of Jesus and still doubt?"
Here is a man who walked ON TOP of water, fed a mountain-ful of people with a handful of food, re-attached an ear with no medical equipment or stitches, and successfully told a violent storm to "Shut up!"
Our jaded-ness is not held to religion, though. Have you ever doubted any of the following...?
- someone saying they love you.
- a doctor telling you that you're in bad shape.
- a doctor telling you that you're's all in your head.
- weathermen
- yourself
Just because you doubt something doesn't mean that it's not true.
May God heal us of our blindness.


Judy said...

Yes, we criticize Thomas as a doubter, but we're not any better. We definitely need to pray that God gives us spiritual sight.

One Observationist said...

Every person I have met (including me) is blind in one way or another. I guess we can pray about it, but considering the fact that 1- I have and 2- I'm still blind it makes me wonder if praying for clarity and a cure to my blindness is really the right thing to be praying for.

Hope you all are doing well.

Franklin Wood said...

Hi Jeremy,
I definitely understand what you are saying.
In one way, you are completely right. I think that (even though we pray) our blindness will not be completely healed until we leave our physical bodies.
On the other hand, I think that sometimes God shows us our blindness, but we don't like what we see. We don't like God's clarity, and therefore...well, sometimes we would rather remain blind.
The book of John is ALL about this dilemma! Even though Jesus proved Himself over and over, people still didn't believe.
Blessings, man. Talk to you soon!