Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accountability Partners

Do you have an "accountability partner?"
I hear this often at youth rallies and religious gatherings. At the National Conference on Youth Ministries, they tell us every year that we should be in an accountability group.
What is an accountability partner?
It is someone that you trust to call when you are struggling spiritually. It is someone with whom you share your secrets. You know them and they know you. It is someone who will call you out when you are not being holy.
All of this is good, but I have continually run into a problem...all the good accountability partners are taken!
I've asked several people and here is the typical answer, "Oh, that's cool. I'm glad you're doing that, but I already have an accountability partner."
I hope I don't come across like a jealous junior high girl, but I don't think I'm the only one encountering this problem.
Since when did "accountability groups" become exclusive? Is this another way to form a friendship group and keep others out? Would Jesus want us to close off these groups when others are begging for friends to help them stay on the high road?
Somewhere along the way, we started another man-made tradition: Find ONE person whom you trust and share openly. It's not a bad thing, but is it the best thing?

*In case you are worrying about me, I have a friend in Michigan who is going against the grain. I'm pretty sure he already has an accountability partner, but he has opened his circle of accountability friends to include me. (By the way, I'm doing OK's just good to have someone ask once in a while!) Thanks, Dave. I appreciate you, bro.


Morgan said...

I totally get you. Like, what's up with the exclusion?! And accountability buddies are necessary, I've found.

Todd Brumley said...

Its about time. Where have you been Franklin? I was starting to think you had fallen off the face of the earth.

I know what you mean about the accountability partner thing. I am suprised I would have to say this, but you are always welcome to call me and talk.