Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Friend Sam Thomsen, Part II

Thanks again for all the prayers on behalf of Sam's family. I think they are doing well, starting to get back in the swing of things as best they can.

A few of our youth were camping at SoulQuest a few weeks ago. It was just days after Sam's funeral. We had cried and cried early on, but sort of avoided some other questions we needed to ask. So I talked about "life-change" moments in one of our devotionals. You know, the times in life where you reflect on life's meaning and purpose and actually have a chance to change something.

To live life and not reflect on such things is foolish. "Live and learn" is a very wise saying.

So I posed the question: "After going through all this, what will change in your life?"

"I'm not going to be so hard on myself," piped up one of our young men.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, Sam always told me that I was too hard on myself when I failed. I've always prided myself on following the letter of the law, but Sam said I needed more grace for myself."


Another young guy said, "I want to come to youth group more. I know I've been real uninvolved, and I'm going to start coming." (Update: He's been to church twice and one youth group activity! AND, he brought his absent older brother, too!)

Soon, it came my turn to share:

"I don't always do the best job of letting you guys know how much I care about you. Usually, I stand at the front of class on Sundays, waiting for everyone to come in so I can get started. Now, I'm going to stand in the hallway and hug you as you come in...whether you like it or not! I'm going to treat each day as if...maybe it's our last day together. I'll be more loving, but also more courageous. I love you all."

Don't forget the lessons you learn from "life-change moments."

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