Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Fact Tag

OK, so my friend and coworker (more like co-player!) Jim White passed this on to me. I'm supposed to share seven random facts about me, and then ask the five of you who read this blog to do the same on YOUR blogs! Well...

1. I play a pretty mean game of volleyball.
2. My African name is Mainza (pronounced 'mine-za') Some friends gave me this because it means "rainy season," and that's when my family arrived in Zambia.
3. When I'm in high places, I can't breathe and my legs give out.
4. My alternate personality (at home) is actually pretty introverted!
5. Dream job? (Besides youth ministry...) writing movie reviews!
6. My third grade teacher was Mrs. Perkins. (How's THAT for randomness?!)
7. I bought my "college car," a '79 Toyota Corolla, for $1.

8. This one's for free: I had Thai food for the first time at lunch today. The waitress actually asked me how spicy I wanted the food from 1-10. I chose a 6, but should've said like 4! Three hours later I ran two miles. Running and Thai food don't mix.

OK, how about Shane, Tracy, Carrie, and Jeremy do this? Man, only four friends, and one of them is my wife?! I'm kidding! You're just the only ones with blogs I can think of right now!


The Hosh said...

you are wrong. and I didn't pretend that Taco John's was a mexican food standard, but the tacos are ridiculous and the fact remains - I want one and I want one NOW!

(thanks for the comment! your blog rocks!)

Shane Coffman said...

Taco Johns is awesome! We need them in Oklahoma NOW!