Sunday, March 23, 2008

Voice from the Past

A few days ago, I was busy in my office when I received one of those phone calls I LOVE so much...

It was a young man who had been in my youth group and is now in college.

I have a few of those, and I LOVE EVERY PHONE CALL I GET FROM THEM. They are the young people who will be leaders in our churches in a few short years. They will be writing the books and preaching the sermons. They will be teaching my children in classrooms.
Right now they are in college, training in their chosen professions. They are getting ready to spring out into the world, eager to prove themselves and make their mark! They are full of hopes and huge dreams.
Right now they are going on mission trips. They are learning more in college than I could ever teach them in high school.

After those phone calls, I can only thank God for allowing me to walk with these young dynamos for a short time. I feel so unworthy that He would use me, and so happy that they have a heart to call their OLD youth minister just to chat!

P.S. Please pray for Alex McCumber's mom who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Dannielle said...

I will definitely pray for the McCumber's. They are a wonderful family and believe me, you do touch lives for a lifetime! I stil keep in touch with my youth minister and his wife and I am 37 years old. God Bless you, Tracy, Fischer and Baby!