Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fun Quiz

Let's have some fun this post! Following are some words or phrases that my 2-year old son, Fischer, utters from time to time. Let's see how you do in interpreting (scroll down for answers)
  • "fekfest"
  • "tek a daf"
  • "anana"
  • "gamma"
  • "paygound"
  • "milt"
  • "biper"
  • "pooer"
  • "awa canny"
  • "wuv oo"

  • "breakfast"
  • "take a bath"
  • "banana"
  • "grandma"
  • "playground"
  • "milk"
  • "diaper"
  • "computer"
  • "I want candy"
  • "Love You!!"
How many did you get right! Hope you had fun! Wuv oo!!


carrie said...

I got 8 correct.

Shane Coffman said...

I got 9 out of 10.

That's scary because I am not around small children very often...

Amy Heldt said...

I got all ten but then again since I am a Speech-Language Pathologist if I didn't I should be pretty embarrassed!