Thursday, September 01, 2005

Most Morbid Day in History

I love the teens in my youth group...they are so creative! However, one day their creativity got a little weird. Sometimes we just make up stories when we talk, but on this day, we made up stories of how each other would DIE on the way home!
It actually got pretty funny, not because of the gruesome details, but because of the absurdity! For example, I had one girl in our youth group (Maggie Taylor) smoking a cigarette in the church van (in the story of course!) In the story, I got mad at her, snatched the cig out of her mouth and threw it out the window. She yelped angrily and jumped out after the cigarette, only to be run over by the van. The funy thing is that Maggie would NEVER smoke (I hope!)
Do you guys remember any of those stories? OR do you have other stories of when people around you had morbid thoughts?


Anonymous said...

dude! of course I remember that! but yeah this is kristina in case you couldn't tell, which you probably couldn't and i can't really figure out how to get a thing here so whatever! but great memory!

Franklin Wood said...

Hey Kristina! Thanks for replying! I'm trying to remember how you died that day...hmmmmmm. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

wow, haha, i remember we did that for like a really long time that trip. it was really funny! that was like forever ago, i don't think i actually remembered how exactly people died just that it was weird. why was mine the only one u remembered? and no... u r right. i would never smoke. (Maggie)