Monday, February 28, 2005

Swimming Party!

Last summer was so much fun! Some of the best stuff seems to happen on the "spur of the moment!"
One example of this came when a member of our church asked if the teens would like to come out to their place for a swim. I had not been out to their new home, so I got directions. They told me their street address and gave me some landmarks to look for.
Their neighborhood was beautiful! Nice homes surrounded by tall trees, kind of out in the country.
Well, we found the address and the boat sitting out in the driveway, and proceeded to go through the gate to the backyard. Their two HUGE dogs were there waiting to greet us.
We crossed the lawn and started to put our stuff down on the patio surrounding the pool. I started to slap on some sunscreen, and one of the girls started wading out into the pool when a terrible thought came to mind: They never told me they had dogs!

I grabbed the collar of the nearest mutt, checked his tags, and yelped in terror, "We're at the wrong house guys...let's get outta here!"
We grabbed all our stuff and made a mad dash for the gate. As we rounded the corner of the house, I gasped again; some of our boys (who were meeting us there) had rung the doorbell and were talking to a man at the front door!
To my relief, the man shut the door and the boys came over. They told me the man was there to fix the computers and knew nothing about a swimming party! We all hurried to our vehicles laughing hysterically when I realized my mistake...I had switched the numbers in my head! The real address was 120...not 102!!
The lady from church laughed when the kids told her what happened. She would later tell me that she and the doctor had a good laugh about the whole thing!

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